Storage Services
Break Free from your Paper Mountain!

In order to minimise the risk of losing or damaging any classified and confidential data of your company, S. Kaniklides (Cyprus) Limited suggests state-of-the-art solutions for document storage in its innovative storage facilities. The storage centre of the company, covering an area of 4060 m² with a height of 13.25m and a capacity of 4700 pallets, is able to accommodate your printed files, fully protecting them from possible deterioration (e.g. due to humidity), and relieving you from unexpected costs and difficulties in management due to lack of working space.

Your archive is safe thanks to our highly secure conversion and storage centre.

A view of the interior: our state-of-the-art storage centre

€5.000,000 Investment

4060 m2

13,25m high

4700 euro-pallet positions

Euro-pallets maximum weight: 1.100kg

Kaniklides is the only document storing company in Cyprus that is authorized and approved by the Cyprus Fire Service and G4S.

Cyprus Fire Service Certification

G4S Certification

Warehouse Safety Facilities

Smoke and Heat Detection System.

Automated Fire Fighting System with CO2.

Automated Fire Fighting System with water sprinklers.

Water Tank of 90 tons capacity compounded with autonomous water drilling.

G4S Anti-theft System

G4S Access Control System

G4S Indoor CCTV 24/7 Surveillance System

Full Autonomous Operation of the Warehouse with a diesel generator in case of power failure.

Sealing of pallets (boxes) with waterproof nylon, for protection against dust and moisture.

24/7 video surveillance CCTV

Access Control System

Anti-theft System

Fire Alarm System